To Be Blunt, He Was Brilliant!

Published on November 27,2017 by David Pearce

No, don’t just look at the headline and think, ’What is this guy on?’! Hear me out and, as George...

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Sublime Sounds Full Of Soul

Published on November 14,2017 by Marijana Mladenić

If the river is a symbol of how far we’ve come, then in the words of John Muir “the rivers flow...

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Mr Flee’s Mysterious Blues Experience

Published on November 12,2017 by Humphrey Fordham

Once touted as a “revolution through destruction”, Mr Flee’s Mysterious Blues Experience...

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Jeremy Tuplin & His Band At Paper Dress Vintage

Published on November 10,2017 by David Evans

Paper Dress Vintage is a cut above the usual live venue in London; by day it is a vintage clothes...

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MY BABY Live At Dingwalls

Published on October 24,2017 by Robin McCavert

MY BABY don’t really sound like anyone else - their blues-based sound takes elements of funk,...

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House Above The Sun At The Fiddler's Elbow

Published on October 18,2017 by Nick McCoy

"People call us House Under The Sun, House of the Sun, House of the Rising Sun... “ says House...

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Micko and The Mellotronics At The Fiddler's Elbow

Published on October 15,2017 by Humphrey Fordham

A sense of 'full circle' permeates this review both in the musical and biographical sense. In...

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Sarah Rogo Lights Up The Room At California's Canyon Club

Published on September 28,2017 by Ronnie Chavez

Miss Sarah Rogo sings the blues and wins the crowd at California’s Canyon Club. San Diego is...

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Austin Shaw Charmed The Room

Published on September 28,2017 by Ronnie Chavez

Austin Shaw charms the audience at his hometown of Santa Cruz album release show. Shaw’s...

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A Vision Fulfilled

Published on September 19,2017 by David Pearce

When I first heard and reviewed Paul K’s 'Omerta' album I thought it would lend itself very well...

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