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So what is gives fans a voice. A platform for honest fan reviews of music & festivals. A place where fans can explore new artists and support their favorite new discoveries. A place where everyone is welcome to share their reviews of festival experiences or maybe a new release.  The choice is yours, simply click "Write a review"!

Why does this matter?

Simply put... because fans are really important! We need honest reviews to be able to help steer us in the right direction. Fyre Festival anyone?! And as ecclectic or as varied as your tastes might be, it's likely someone else will appreciate or maybe even agree with your opinion.

We created to provide fans with a place to share their opinions and help support up and coming artists reach a wider audience.  

Where did it all start?

Our initial vision for was small, but heartfelt: build a platform that fans could play a huge part in. And so it began...  fast forward a couple of years and fans have now posted more than 100,000 reviews of more than 5,000 artists and well over 200 festivals around the world. The vision has now grown and we aim to provide you with the biggest music and festival fan-led reviews platform globally.  



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If you'd like to find out more about please send us an email at the address below. Don't be shy, we don't bite!

Favorite music fact

Jess Dawson

Content Guru

Jess looks after all things content across so mind your language when submitting a review, Jess doesn't take kindly to nasty words!

Favorite music fact

Nearly 200 million people went to live music events in 2015... that's a whole lot of possible reviews!!

Mark Jennings

Head Honcho

Mark heads up, predominantly looking after the commercial and business development parts of the site. If you're interested in working with or would simply like to know a little more about the platform please get in touch.

Favorite music fact

Aerosmith have made more money from Guitar Hero than the sales of all of their music combined.


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