Jaïr Faria 'Do Better'

Published on June 12,2024 by Taylor Keane

With a vast repertoire of singles, Jaïr Faria is back with his captivating new single ‘Do...

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J.Eka Releases Incredible UK Rap Debut Single

Published on June 12,2024 by Mia Jenkins

J.Eka’s debut single "Bread & Wine" just dropped and it's a total game-changer. Known before as...

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Animals In Denial's "Crash Course Vol. 2: Tickets To Dreamland"

Published on June 11,2024 by Taylor Williams

Get ready for a true sound adventure with Animals In Denial's latest release, “Crash Course Vol....

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Lady Charles Brings Dreamy Vibes With "Bedroom Pop"

Published on June 10,2024 by Taylor Williams

Lady Charles' new single "Bedroom Pop" is a captivating blend of jazz-influenced chords and...

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The Badly Behaved Shares Synth-Pop Excellence

Published on June 09,2024 by Laury V

The Badly Behaved’s latest offering, "Soulless City - Lauer Remix" takes listeners on a...

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Galactic Monk Releases "Secretly Admire"

Published on June 07,2024 by Taylor Williams

Galactic Monk's new single, “Secretly Admire,” is a refreshing mix of ethereal pop and Tropical...

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Alex Aureo ‘Swear To Defend’

Published on June 07,2024 by Taylor Keane

With diverse skills, Alex Aureo enters the music scene with a heartfelt debut single ‘Swear to...

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You Can't Help But Groove Along

Published on June 07,2024 by Mia Jenkins

Stockholm’s very own NAVII is back and better than ever with his latest single, 'EASY ON ME.'...

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Hannah Johnson 'Lifetime'

Published on June 07,2024 by Taylor Keane

With this latest release from her music repertoire, Hannah Johnson hopes to engage listeners with...

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Reflecting With "Skyline Hill"

Published on June 06,2024 by Taylor Williams

Faint Halos’ new single, "Skyline Hill," encapsulates the essence of reflection, both lyrically...

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