REVIEW album Ltd Noise About 8 Minutes or More

Delivering An Otherworldy Sonic Landscape

About 8 Minutes or More

Ltd Noise

Ltd. Noise emerged from the collaboration between Ped Gill and Paul Fishman around the year 2000. Both artists had achieved commercial success with their former groups (Paul with Re-Flex and Ped with Frankie Goes to Hollywood), but they sought something entirely different from their pop past. Their shared passion for electronics and synthesizers led to an adventurous musical exploration. The resulting 2001 album “About 8 Minutes Or More” (ironically not all tracks are 8 mins or more) delivered a decidedly 'otherworldly' sonic landscape.

First track 'Niagara' is like an art installation or a high class fashion of 90s catwalk art piece. 'Monkey Turbulence' is playful and chaotic, like a jazz-infused storm. 'Celery' is a more esoteric trippy offering with an electronic pulse, positively driven... a sonic salad, if you will! 'Junk' - Layers of hammer bashing sounds collide, creating a beautiful cacophony. 'C.E.4.J.' is a bit Bladerunner in places. A cryptic title for an enigmatic track. 'Entropy' is unpredictable and mesmerizing whilst 'The Head Elephants' is a rather more electro industrial offering. (Perhaps the elephants are dancing?!) 'Hog' delivers a wild ride through electronic pastures. 'Mutton Jazz' brings a pow pow of a woolly ride'. The New Testament' brings shuffley vibes punctuated by electro drum beats and a few dimmed vocals scattered in. An epic bonus track that expands the sonic universe!

About 8 Minutes Or More” , whether you call it Nu Jazz or just 'Uncatagorized', is a daring exploration of sound, seamlessly blending jazz improvisation, electronic wizardry, and avant-garde sensibilities. It certainly grabs your attention.

Whether you’re a jazz aficionado or an electronica enthusiast, this release, saved from obscurity on a German label in 2001, and now emerging into our diverse modern day 2024 musical landscape. What to conclude? Well, indeed, better late than never, indeed! Give it a listen on Spotify and let the abstract electro jazz waves wash over you. Recommend.