REVIEW album Orion Redwolf Glow (Single)

A Sonic & Lyrical Journey: Orion Redwolf's 'Glow'

Glow (Single)

Orion Redwolf

Orion Redwolf is an American songwriter, producer, and artist celebrated for his emotive and introspective genre-blurring style. With a rich history as a producer and songwriter predating his artistic debut in 2018 under the moniker Orion and The Melted Crayons, Orion has consistently pushed musical boundaries. His recent single, ‘Stormy Days’, penned at the age of 14 the day after his father's passing, marks a poignant shift in his journey. Embracing his middle name, Redwolf, Orion signals a deeper, more personal connection to his latest material.

Thematically, ‘Glow’ is inspired by Orion Redwolf's childhood memories of reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales. The fantastical lyrics, sculpted with contributions from longtime collaborator Elie Bashkow, evoke the enchanting worlds of these classic stories.

Musically, ‘Glow’ serenely reclines on a loping, finger-style guitar riff, while Redwolf’s dusty, bending vocals guide listeners on a journey through an enchanted forest. The varied instrumentation, including slide guitars and Wurlitzer, sail over Wyatt’s bombastic drumming, mirroring the lyrical narrative and creating a vivid, fantastical soundscape.