You Can't Help But Groove Along

EASY ON ME (Single)


Stockholm’s very own NAVII is back and better than ever with his latest single, 'EASY ON ME.' This track isn’t just a taste of what’s to come on his upcoming EP, 'majorminor,' but a full-on masterclass in his signature R&B sound.

'EASY ON ME' is a cocktail of R&B, pop, and soul, mixed to perfection. The song kicks off with a vintage speech sample that hooks you right in: “Maybe it’s love? Maybe it’s not. I’ve got a feeling love doesn’t have to be the way you say it is.” We've all been there, right? That confusing phase of new love, and NAVII has just turned that feeling into a sing-along anthem.

NAVII has teamed up with the sensational Etta Zelmani, who’s worked with big names like BTS and Galantis, and together, they’ve crafted a blend of vibrant vocals and dynamic soundscapes that get your grooving from the first kick drum. The musical talents of Per Berglin on guitar and David Lecander on bass bring even more richness to 'EASY ON ME.' These guys have also lent their skills to other tracks on the 'majorminor' EP, so expect more of that good stuff in future NAVII releases.

Throughout the track, NAVII’s captivating vocals lead you through the soundscape. , Leading us into a funky, feel-good atmosphere, the R&B-meets-pop drums are crisp and punchy, and the groovy bassline keeps everything moving forward smoothly. The light synths are like little stars twinkling throughout the song, dancing around NAVII’s and Etta’s vocal lines, adding moments of utter ear candy throughout the song.

Formerly known as Martin Masarov, NAVII’s journey took a fascinating turn during a trip to Bulgaria. There, he fell in love with traditional Bulgarian folk music while working on the country’s Eurovision entry. This experience brought new textures and rhythms into his music, steering him in a fresh direction. NAVII’s versatility as an artist, producer, and songwriter shines bright in 'EASY ON ME.' This track is just a glimpse of his unique musical style, and it’s setting the stage for the much-anticipated release of 'majorminor' this winter. Get ready to groove along with NAVII!