REVIEW album Aves Transformations

Helsinki Calling: Aves Unveil Expansive Album



Aves' new album, Transformations, is a genre-bending journey that explores personal growth and transformation. This Helsinki trio mixes soaring vocals and shimmering synths with introspective lyrics, creating a sound they call "expansive Nordic pop."

The album deals with heavy themes like mental health and addiction, but ultimately celebrates the power of change and self-discovery. It opens with the lush soundscape of "Silent Solitude", urging listeners to embrace the present moment. The party continues with "Gem Of The Ocean", featuring JFDR, before taking a more introspective turn with "Doubt" alongside Lydmor. The album's centerpiece - "Not Go Home" - is a collaboration with Lake Jons that grapples with identity and the longing for freedom. The accompanying video perfectly captures the song's hopeful loneliness, following a character on a quest for self-discovery.

Other highlights include the icy confidence of "You Can Talk" and the rip-roaring anthem of "Days of Thunder," which explores the struggles of deteriorating mental health. The album takes a sensuous turn with "Walking Rain" featuring IkeN, before JFDR returns for the ethereal beauty of "Hunting Points."

As summer approaches, "Jaguar" injects a dose of nostalgia with its psychedelic pop and disco influences. The track follows a protagonist seeking escape from a troubled past, finding solace in the image of a powerful jaguar. The album closes with the empowering summer anthem "Seasons," featuring Conan Kelly, a synth-pop celebration of self-love and freedom.