REVIEW gig leisure fm The George Tavern - EP Launch

A Hauntingly Beautiful ‘Fables’ Launch Party

The spellbinding Polish twin-fronted duo, leisure fm, capture the audience’s imagination with their exploration of ethereal atmospheres, skilfully infusing life into their debut EP 'fables’.

Opening act singer-cellist, Ramilda, and the dynamic four-piece new wave project Candy Stripes, set the stage as opening acts, both possessing an eerie and unsettling quality, yet remain irresistibly captivating. These performances uniquely showcased the individual personalities of each artist, allowing them to shine emphatically.

In the main event, Milena and Weronika, collectively known as leisure fm, delivered a complete rendition of their 'fables' EP, sparking cathartic dancing in a trance. After indulging in a few drinks, some enthusiasts playfully even toyed with the idea of 'dancing on the table' hence aligning with the suggestive lyric of the title track.

The inaugural piece, 'weather warning,' left a profound impression, revealing leisure fm's unique soundscape—a fusion of hauntingly beautiful and ethereal vocals seamlessly blended with elements of Shoegaze, Dream-Pop, and Trip-Hop. The twins' connection to their sound became instantly clear as they clad themselves in dark and moody fashion, embracing a gothic style along with equally mysterious demeanours.

The standout lead single, ‘statuesque,' engrossed a hipster-casual audience in their twenties, conjuring a dreamlike (or perhaps nightmarish) atmosphere that delved into themes of lost love and existential dread. Bringing their set to a close with the unreleased track 'illuminated manuscript' left me pining for additional glimpses into the artistic world that leisure fm promises to unveil in the future.

During a brief interview, the twins' determination became evident as Weronika expressed that it was a 'night for celebration,' highlighting their performance, which garnered pride and spirited applause from the enthusiastically engaged George Tavern Crowd after each song. It's exciting to see how they will integrate electronic elements into a fully developed band, especially as they actively work on additional material for their debut album. Assuredly, leisure fm delivered a performance that transcends their years, establishing an immersive ambience that sets the stage for the promising journey ahead for these talented twins.

Meanwhile check out their atmospheric video for 'statuesque' below: