REVIEW album Spider Plant Day In (Single)

Spider Plant's Fresh Single 'Day In'

Day In (Single)

Spider Plant

Enter dreamland, a world where tension has no place, courtesy of Spider Plant and his fresh new single release, 'Day In'. Spider Plant powerfully transports us far away from our current location from the second this track sounds.

This single from the Lancashire-based producer and songwriter showcases the skillset he has been hoarding while working a mundane office job; mixing electronic sounds with an indie-pop foundation to great effect. The new track follows his previous, similarly intriguing release, 'Welcome,' but we get to see more of his world in this one, as he continues on a journey that leaves the stresses of everyday life at the door.

I know we are in for a treat when the birds start singing and Spider Plant mentions doing some "crazy substance"; the breakout artist does not let us down. Plenty of new parts find their way to the forefront of the mix throughout the first section of the tune, leading to a distinctive vocal performance from Spider Plant, who is now residing in England's capital.

The journey is unpredictable, and the structure shifts frequently, exploring with its electronic character and pushing the box every second it plays out of the speakers. I was not sure whether or not a vocal would materialise given the entry, but I'm delighted it did! Furthermore, the vocal delivery enhances the overall experience, and the lyrics confirm what I already suspected: this is a track that is all about finding a way through the bleak and the drab.