REVIEW gig Sons of Silver Live from Los Angeles

Sons Of Silver Bring Rock N' Roll To Your Living Room

With live shows and festivals at a Covid-19 standstill music lovers across the globe are craving that one great rock n’ roll show. It may be a while still before we can join each other in packed and sweaty venues but until that day comes, I suggest you go follow Sons of Silver to be alerted of their next live streaming event.

I know that live stream performances are not the same as a sticky floored club performance but with the production and musicianship that Sons of Silver deliver its as good as it gets.

Sons of Silver is frontman Peter Argyropoulos of Pete RG, original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen, Candlebox bassist Adam Kury, former Skillet guitarist Kevin Haaland, and keyboardist and engineer Brina Kabler. Their collective talent and deep, soulful rock n’ roll is sure to conquer your need for a gig hunger, at least for a bit.

The songs are filled with thought-provoking lyrics and beautiful guitar solos. Even watching from my PC, in my pajamas, on my couch... I felt a total connection with their music and witnessed the creative connection between this band of brothers.

Frontman Argyropoulos’ charming and genuine banter between songs and soulful singing voice blends perfectly with the solid musicianship and emotional movement of their music. Even remotely you are drawn into the ebb and flow of the band’s blended energy and incredible talent.

On their current EP Doomsday Noises, they take on issues of social division and reckoning with their insightful lyrical storytelling. The songs on Doomsday Noises are spin offs from jam sessions in 2019, they were recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic, before the most recent equality awakening and calls for justice, but you’d never know it based on the lyrics.

I highly recommend you go check out the EP and tune in to their next live stream show.