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Jackpot Motel


'Jackpot Motel'- The name and the artwork of this album is very fascinating. You should definitely give this album a shot if you are a guitar riff freak. I am sure that in the album you can notice an engrossing and unique rpegeo patterns. Musically and lyrically, the choruses of all tracks in the album are quite catchy. I loved the dynamics of songs like 'Baseline Love', 'Black Flower', and 'Dangerous Love'. Further, on the record, 'Walking Man', 'Open Your Eyes', and 'Conquer Your World' make you groove in the soundscape with the offbeat and jazzy swing. Esteban plays desert funk music. Continuing their odyssey into what they call desert funk, Esteban are one of the most exciting emerging bands in the UK at the minute. The album is a great pop, funk-pop blend. So check this link and hit the jackpot!