REVIEW festival Subba Fest - Not Live, All Aid

Subba Fest - Not Live, All Aid

Get excited, like properly excited; Subba-Fest is now available on a screen near you!

The last few months have been tough for a lot of people. Nearly everyone on the planet has been affected in some way by the impact of COVID-19; whether it's being apart from friends and family as a result of social distancing, changes to employment and working or even catching the virus and being unwell. For most of us, we've stayed home to stay safe, while our front-line workers have become our everyday heroes supporting those in need, at great personal risk to themselves.

Inspired by these incredible people, the Subba-Cultcha team decided to lend our support by trying to raise as much money as possible for charities supporting front-line workers. So we launched "Subba-Fest; Not Live, All Aid", featuring performances from more than 50 amazing up-and-coming artists. It's hosted on our YouTube channel and all money raised will be donated to Direct Relief and NHS Charities Together.

There are 3 videos,and although they are all free to access, the event is designed to raise money for charity so we've created a "donation ticket". Tickets are $5/£5/€5 (or however much you'd like to donate). All money raised through ticket sales will be going to the charities, aside from a very small service fee.

Why is Subba-Fest happening? In short, we miss live music. With all physical shows and festivals cancelled for the foreseeable, we wanted to create something a bit different for music fans around the world and do our bit for front-line charities. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for great up-and-coming artists to be heard at a time when, sadly, all live music venues have fallen silent.

You can watch the 1st Subba-Fest video below and the others can be found on our YouTube channel: