REVIEW festival Native Meetups

Native Meetup London - Great Event For Producers, DJs & Musicians

On Sunday 6th May, Tech-giant Native Instruments put on their popular monthly event called 'Native Meetups' at Point Blank Music School in Hackney, London.

I've been to several of these events myself over the past year or so, I personally love them and I'll tell you why.

Firstly you get to step into one of London's best music schools, a serious drool-fest if you are a DJ or music producer. The facility boasts several studios, each setup slightly differently. Rooms for: Maschine, Traktor, Pioneer DJ room, mixing room and live room, and several other spaces, it's impressive. I remember looking around Point Blank when it was over in West London around 18 years ago, it's come a long way.

Another reason I really like these events is that everyone is really friendly and open to networking and helping each other out. It's a real community vibe, by the end of the day I'd say there was around 80-100 people in the building.

The best part about the day is all the amazing masterclasses put on by the Native Meetups team. Each one gives a different perspective on music production or the business itself and the team always manage to bring in new faces to talk about something different.

It was a pleasure to be asked to host my own user insight session for this event, following on from the 'Native BARS' event that I made a trap beat live at in April.

Following on from that event, my insight was split into two parts: deconstructing a trap beat using Logic and Maschine and secondly making a hip-hop beat love using Maschine and Komplete. The session went really well and before I knew it, it was finished.

I made a lot of new friends as always, came away with some really good advice from the different tutors and with a little more drive and determination than I had before.

I can't wait for the next one.