Wireless Festival

Published on July 26,2016 by Lewis Grice

Although Wireless is not known as being one of the largest festivals, it never fails to have a...

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Friday At 2000 Trees

Published on July 25,2016 by Jessica Corp

Friday saw 2000 Trees get into full swing with the opening of the main stage, and our first...

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The Best 10th Birthday Party I've Ever Been To

Published on July 25,2016 by Jessica Corp

2000 Trees this year was phenomenal from start to end, with a legendary surprise set from none...

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Take That At Hyde Park

Published on July 22,2016 by Jessica Dawson

As a teenager, liking a band which were so obscure not even NME were aware of them was one of my...

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Music In The Mountains: Bilbao BBK

Published on July 21,2016 by Joseph Arwen-Langham

Located in Kobetamendi on Mount Cobetas, Bilbao, BBK Bilbao Live is a three day festival...

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Review of Truck Festival 2016

Published on July 20,2016 by Ben McQuaide

Despite the festival capacity being increased by 2,500 to 10,000 the festival still sold out...

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A Festival Farr Farr Away

Published on July 19,2016 by Tom Quinton

Despite being only a short hour-and-a-bit drive from London, Farr Festival really does feel farr...

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Festival D'ete De Quebec: 300 Shows, 10 Stages, 11 Days Of Music

Published on July 18,2016 by Jules Annan

If I was to ask you if you had ever heard of Festival D'ete De Quebec I am betting the answer...

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Jazz, Jungle & Jerk Chicken: Dalston Music Festival 2016

Published on July 15,2016 by Coco Jones

A lot has been said about the gentrification of Dalston during recent years. Take a look around...

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Summertime Has Come - Mumford & Sons Menagerie In Hyde Park

Published on July 14,2016 by F Z

On a warm and crowded Friday night in Hyde Park for British Summertime, arrived Mumford and Sons....

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